Monday, June 29, 2020


    Today I thought about the Queer Liberation March yesterday. It is the alternative March seeking to bring back the radical and political of the early marches compared to the bigger corporatized march.

The march was peaceful until two marchers were arrested near Washington Square Park for writing graffiti. Some people tried to prevent the arrests when the police became aggressive. They also had their badge number covered with tape. The Queer Liberation Front does not the police there at all. A friend of mine was hurt.

The police are militarized even against peaceful protestors. Our sorry mayor is trying to save his career and sides with the cops. I always found him to be ambiguous in his decisions.

I don't know what the future holds but transgender and non-conforming people are the targets. There have been a number of trans deaths around the country.  Last year a transwoman died in Rikers Island from a seizure. People are seeking answers about this and I want to be involved in this.

Right now my emotions are amped. I'm keeping things in perspective. I'm not going to shrink now when my trans sisters and brothers are being attacked from all sides.

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