Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Transgender Ministry

This past Sunday after service, the associate pastor mentioned to me that he's considering starting a ministry for transgender people in the fall. I like the idea because it will be a place where transgender can do things together. There are transgender people in the neighborhood and from what I understand a few in our church. However, trans people are invisible. I am excited about this prospect. I' m sure there will be more discussions in the future.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Journey-A Continuing Saga

When I was an athlete, I enjoyed the practices ore than the actual event. To me the preparation was a part of where I wanted to reach. The picture above reminds of the continual journey I'm on now. It seems lonely at times but it's a journey no one else can take for me. 

Yesterday, I was sitting in a quiet spot meditating. The thought came that there's more roads to trod. I may not understand where and why I'm being led this way however I can't go back to where I was. I have looked back at my life many, many times and saw that the footprints that I left behind me were gone. So much has changed in the last decade and so have I.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Retired-And Busy As Ever

I am unofficially retired. If a part time job that I like comes up I will investigate it. I don't want to go through the 9-to-5 grind anymore. I am busier now than ever before. I'm able to do things that I have a passion for.

Writing is one of my passions. Still working on a chapbook I want to publish. Recently I dived into activism having attended Equality and Justice Day in Albany a few weeks ago. There are a few hot button issues that I'm interested in. There's not a lack of activities to do. I said years ago that when I retire I'm going to be doing something. Now I have the opportunity.

People should enjoy retirement years because they have earned it. Find things you are passionate about and pursue them. Two of my goals are to get my master's degree and learn to play bass guitar. I know one dear lady in her eighties who does such wonderful needlework and quilt making. Remember some of the best times are ahead of you.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Genevieve's Gems

There are dreamers and there are achievers. The difference between the two is action.

~Chinese Proverb 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

From Then To Now

It was about this time nine years ago that my gender struggles came to the fore. I had never had such issues in the past. That's what really confused me. It wasn't an easy time for me because I didn't know what I was grappling with. 

In the following weeks things became clearer to me. I discovered that I was a cross dresser. moving ahead I saw that feelings ran much deeper than clothing. In time I realized that I was transgender. There were discoveries, struggles, research, meeting people, support groups, and trials by fire. Embracing each experience help moved me forward to where I needed to get to. 

Now, nine years later, I am a happy and content transgender woman. I'm being the person that I really am. Every day I discover something new. I learned long ago how fluid gender is. Trying to say I have it under control is like trying to grasp water. I just enjoy the ride. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gay Head Lighthouse

Located on the western end of Martha's Vineyard, Gay Head Lighthouse is located in Anniquah, Massachusetts.I did a research of the town and discovered that it was once inhabited by Indians. Gay Head was the first lighthouse constructed on Martha's Vineyard.

Gay Head Lighthouse was first constructed in 1799. The current structure was first lit in 1856 and automated in 1960.   


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Time Off

I took several days off from posting so I can recharge and refocus. I do this periodically because there is so much going on that I needed to slow down a bit. 

Equality and Justice Day is till very much on my mind. I'm choosing which battles I should join. Such is the life of an activist. I don't want to spread myself so thin that I'm not able to make a contribution. The next several weeks will be busy what with graduations, proms, weddings, pride month in June and celebrations of various ministries.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Genevieve's Gems

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.

~William Makepeace Thackeray

Monday, May 05, 2014

Much To Do

I had time to reflect on the past week and have concluded that there's much to do on my end. I was at the library gathering information to give out to various people and places about transgender topics. I feel the battle lines are drawn now because the opposition is getting bolder and so are we. I also see that more people are asking questions about transgender and what it entails.

The military is grappling with why transgender people are not allowed to serve. Churches and schools have been grappling with it also. This is an exciting time and I want to be a part of the solution. Whatever I can do, I will. If someone can be helped, I will help them. We have a right to be who we are without being harassed, demeaned or become victims of violence. In the end we will win.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Traveling The Land

This past Tuesday, I journeyed to Albany, New York for Equality ad Justice Day. Took the above route to Albany. Viewing all the streams, hills and valleys, it reminded me of my days as a scout. I loved the outdoors and nature. Still do.

When I saw this I imagined myself with a backpack traveling around the countryside. I'm part Indian and do have ties to the land. I passed by many streams and rills. I can imagine what it was like traversing the land 400 years ago.

On my way back, sadness came over me. Much of our lands and natural resources are being polluted, hydrofracked, and destroyed by corporations and developers who care nothing about it except to make profits.