Friday, September 26, 2008


Being open to new ideas and adventures makes the journey worth traveling.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Journey into the woods

When I was a boy I loved to venture out into the woods near my home. My mom would tell me not to go in the woods but I usually did. Like any boy, I was curious as to what was in the thick shrubbbery and tree lined paths? Were there rabbits, frogs, or chipmunks? Were there more trees and bushes? What was more curious to me is where would the path I was on take me?

In my journey as a transgender person, that same curiosity compels me to continue forward. I ask myself if this journey will ever end? A more important question is will what I discover stop me from moving forward or cause to turn back? There are some decisions one makes that the consequences cannot be undone. I'm sure there are many folks who decided to transition has asked themselves this question. The day I decided that I was going to live life openly, I knew that there would be ridicule, comments, and comtempt on some people's part.

When you choose to live differently, it does open a can of worms. It's my life and no one else can live it for me. Creative living will stir up jealousy from some people but isn't being happy with ourselves part of living? In my opinion, transgender folks are often targeted because we choose to express who we are publicly. Is it easy? Not always? Are there risks? Definitely. Is being true to ourselves worth taking those risks? A resounding YES!

As a born again Christian I asked myself if my being transgender would affect my relationship with God? The answer He gave me was that he loved me as I was. He knew that I was transgender long before I was born. I think about the two greatest commandments Jesus gave: to love God with all my heart and to love my neighbor. My neighbor may hate my guts, may want to harm me but I am still to love him and to pray for him. Jesus loved the people who nailed him to the cross. I have no doubt that some became Christians because of His witness.

As my journey continues, I'm still that curious little boy who wonders where the road will lead. I don't know what I may find but I pray that I never turn back. I'll my walking stick and just keep moving forward.

Friday, September 19, 2008


The further I travel along this road, the more I feel the heartaches of others less fortunate.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Transgender children

It's rare that I post websites here but after reading this article, I thought that I may be a good read.

Friday, September 12, 2008



Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Ever since I have declared myself a transgender woman, my life has become an open book. It's not that it wasn't before, its that now I am out in public much more. I don't feel that being out is not necessarily the number of people that you tell. It's that I have chosen to live my life openly and without reservation. I'm not naive to believe that I can do this all the time but I can do it as much as is allowable.

I'm thankful for an understanding spouse and son. I'm thankful that I am walking around in my neighborhood and haven't had an incident. Mostly, I am being myself. My declaration has opened up opportunities for me to speak out whether in print, on the internet, or in person. When first began crossdressing, I enjoyed the thrill of wearing skirts, panties, and bras. However, in the back of my mind was the thought that this will take me on roads that I have never traveled. This has certainly been the case. I never saw myself being an activist but I cannot stand idly by and watch transgender and gender variant people be discriminated against.

Summer saw me be bold and out among the public. I have been following transgender issues all over the country. I am involved in some things and long to get more involved. I want to demonstrate to people that transgender are loving, productive people who care about life. Looking ahead, I see that things will be accelerated and I cannot wait.


Friday, September 05, 2008


I would rather help some struggling soul than to receive all the honors the world
bestows upon me.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Promising Autumn

The summer is nearly over but the autumn looks even more promising. Putting into action the things that I profess will be the main agenda. I have been out in public much more and I plan on staying out. The colors of the foliage will change soon but I desire to be a blossom during the now and during the long cold months of winter.

I will be attending Soulforce's Seven Straight Nights events. I want to be out bringing the needs of GLBT people to the public. It is taking place in various cities across the country. I promised my spouse that I would take her to a reading/poetry session. I have one scheduled for the fourth week of this month. It is something that I will do every month, if possible.

Being out in public was one goal that I set at the beginning of the year. I have more than met it. I'm not out looking for attention. I'm just being myself. I have received compliments from a few folks mostly women. I have been out in my neighborhood quite a bit without incident. I never felt thought that this would be so enriching but it has. I'm enjoying every moment.

I have visited a few places that reminded me of my childhood and young manhood. I visited some old Catholic churches. I'm surprised that I still remember some of the tenets of the Catholic faith. I just stopped there to rest and pray. I have trolled through the East Village where social and radical activities were quite vibrant 40 years ago. I also feel home here because it is a feisty neighborhood withstanding the tenticles of gentrification.

I find it amazing that I wasn't active politically in '60s and '70s but I am now. It is a mater of choice that I am an activist. A quiet unassuming crossdresser is now involved in the battle for equality for GLBT people. I have always considered myself an outsider and I feel very comfortable doing what's not expected.