Tuesday, August 03, 2021


I visited my senior center and the LGBT center. They have reopened recently. Though my senior center has had food pickups people are slowly trickling back. Some of my friends can't wait until it gets to some kind of normalcy. The LGBT center, or The Center, reopened a couple of weeks ago. it was quiet with staff and a few visitors.   

One thing that was evident is the isolation many feel during the pandemic. It's felt even more in the LGBTQ+ circles. Yes there was a pandemic but did the city have to be shut down? I don't believe that it should have.  It has done more harm than good, in my opinion.

I also see how much I appreciate life. I miss seeing my friends and doing some of the activities I was doing before. I pray as the city reopens more will be focused on the needs of people. The pandemic exposed many things lacking. Homelessness, food challenges, violence, anger, etc. It's time for leaders and corporate officials to put up or shut up.

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