Saturday, August 27, 2005

Today was a beautiful late August day. I was in the city with my wife. I was able to glance at women's attire with her. I saw some beautiful items for her. She likes skirts and tops and so do I. She doesn't know that I crossdress. I have an excuse to buy something for myself now-buy her something.
I purchased my first piece of outer clothing-a pink sleeveless pullover. I'm comfortable browsing through the women's sections of department stores after some initial trepidation. No one bothered me or gave me weird looks. I felt great after my first shopping trip and can't wait until the next one.
Tonight, I painted my toenails with pink nail polish. Another hurdle has been cleared. Shoes will be a challenge because of my wide feet (12E). There are some great looking styles too. I haven't tried any makeup yet but that's coming.
There has been subtle adjustments emotionally. We CDs cut across the grain of so-called 'normal' society. I have been able to keep a proper balance. I consider myself a transgendered man and crossdreser. I will seek some counseling to clear up some of the questions I have about my new lifestyle.

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