Friday, August 19, 2005

I spent some time looking for clothes. I scoured the internet and did much window shopping. I looked in some women's magazines for ideas. I saw some great stuff. I looked at some wigs, too. I'm wondering if I should get one with some gray in it or just purchase a black or brown wig?

One advantage of being a CD is that I can see life from two perspectives. Women are much more in tune with fashion than men. One lament I've always had about men's dress (business attire, in particular) is the dullness of the colors. I can't stand dull ties! Give me some bright red patterns, orange, or green; something lively, please!! Ladies have got it right!

Now being a 'woman', I see how they do things, how they think. Women don't always see things from the logical and practical sense only. I study how they walk, talk, handle themselves. When my femme side takes over, I try to emulate some of their mannerisms, and look nautral doing it.

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