Sunday, August 21, 2005

Good morning, ladies! Right now, I'm wearing one of my favorite outfits:a white skirt at the knee and a black top. I have seen a number of women on the street wearing this combination and I have added it to my wardrobe. Pink, red, and canary are also beautiful summery colors that I have incorporated into the wardrobe.

This Friday, I will be shopping for ladies clothes for the firsr time. Yesterday, I browsed around the ladies section at a thrift store and no one noticed (in my male outfit). I have purchased things for my spouse before so something like this doesn't bother me. I'm looking forward to it.
If someone does inquire of me, I'll tell them I'm buying them for Genevieve, my girlfriend.

Make up is the thing I'll need the most help with. There's so many shades and colors. I want to get the one(s) that look best on me. Shoes are the next thing, though I have a good idea how to handle this. I have a wide foot (12E), so I have found a couple of resources I can go to.

Just thinking about going femme excites me! I'll keep you posted on my shopping trip and how things went.

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