Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My Coming Out -Conclusion

I embraced whatever came my way. It seemed that I was nudged along as I trekked along the gender road. In May, 2009, I sensed that I was to cross another road-a road that would alter the course of my life. Two years earlier I sensed that this change would be made.

I hesitated because I knew that this change would change my perspective about gender and being gender variant. I realized that I could not go back to where I was. Just like life, gender fluidity is not stationary. In June, 2009, I finally crossed that road declaring myself a trangenderist. I was always equally comfortable as masculine and feminine. Gnder fluidity has taught me that both are an intrinsic part of everyone's life whther or not they are willing to admit it.

Life was sailing along for ten months when I sensed that another change was to come. I didn't feel anxious likeI did when coming out as a transgenderist. I didn't see myself as being transsexual. I remember a lovely transsexual woman sharing with me a few years before that I may be. At that point I believed that I had to have gender reassignment surgery in order to be a transsexual. Upon further research, I saw that a person can be transsexual without having the surgery. This is where I was.

When I came out as transsexual in June, 2010, I completed my third life changing experience. I see myself in feminine terms and consider msyelf a transsexual woman. I never wanted to have the surgery or take hormones because I feel that I never had the desire to.

It's amazing that in nearly six I have been transformed so much. From a crossdresser to transgenderist to transsexual. It's been quite a journey which is still ongoing. I first came out when I was fifty-six. I'm sixty-two and have never been happier in my life. I'm looking forward to more of what life has for me as a transsexual woman.


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