Monday, January 31, 2011

My Coming Out-Part 2

I kept saying to myself that it will all pass. Instead the urge grew stronger. Now I wondered where this was headed.During a counseling session, I laid bare my heart. I shared with the two counselors all that I was feeling. After they conversed together, they informed me that I was crossdresser. I was shocked to say the least. I never tried on feminine articles as a child nor did I ever have the desire.

For weeks i struggled with this revelation. I kept saying that this was just a phase. Deep inside I knew that it wasn't. I found a support group at he community center. I met many people in various stages of gender identity. I started this blog and began recording my feelings and thoughts. I had to because the pressure was getting to.

Several weeks later, I came to a decision to come out to myself. Almost immediately, all the tension and stress dissipated. I felt liberated and complete. I was liberated in the sense that I was no longer beholden the gender binary system that society says that we are suppose to fit in. I felt complete because the feeings of being different was not there any more. It is no longer an issue.

I did much research about crossdressing. I ran into the word 'transgender' for the first time. It connected with me. I shared with my wife after she found some of my stuff. I was nervous and scared but I told her everything. She was shocked but gradually saw that it was a part of me. I told my son about a year later. He was pretty cool with it.

I wore women's articles around the house. Usually it was skirt and camisole. The support meetings helped me understand what I was going through. There were many changes in my life.
Most of them were emotional. I went out in public and discovered that most people didn't care. I didn't feel nervous, which was somewhat surprising. I was now being the person that I truly am.

I joined to couple of groups where I met many transgender people. After a year I sensed that my experience ran much deeper than clothing and go out. I began to cogitate about where I was headed to now.

To be continued ...


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