Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sharing My Story

The last three posts were a departure from my norm. I felt that it was important because everyone has a story to share. I pray that some are encouraged by my story. Some may feel that they are the only ones out there struggling with gender issues. You are not alone.

I make it a point of sharing my story once a year because they are people who may have recently come out. I say to them congratulations and welcome. One of the pleasures of these posts is seeing many men and women come to terms with who they are. It's wonderful that they have chosen to be authentic.

When I came out to my spouse it was a frightful event not knowing how it would turn out. After the initial shock wore off, she has been accepting of my being transsexual. It did the same with my son. I'm also sensitive about the stigma and phobia society has against the TGLB community as a whole. I have spoken out when we are attacked. I am willing to take on anyone who demeans us or anyone else for that matter.

I pray that many have been encouraged. I look forward to posting more blogs that inform, encourage, challenge, and strengthen us.


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