Monday, September 05, 2005

It was another beautiful day today. I went downtown this morning, browsing in the women's sections of numerous clothing stores. Brown is the color this fall but it's not my favorite color. I like burgundy, blue, gray and black. Also looked at some wigs but I'm not sure how to go about buying one. Don't know if it's one size fits all or what. It's funny but soon as I enter the stores, I head right to the women's section. I guess crossdressing is in my blood. I subscribed to the e-mail lists of a couple of stores since I have to special order some things.

I can see why women enjoy shopping: there's such a wide array of colors and styles. Men's sections can be drab at times. They could take a page or two from the ladies. Personally, I wear bright,colorful ties and loud sports jackets. I can really be creative dressing en femme mode.

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