Monday, September 26, 2005

I purchased my first night gown today, a yellow print. It only cost two dollars! Still haven't gotten my wig yet but I will.
I am thinking about writing a short story featuring a crossdresser. I would love to see a film or play with nothing but crossdressers in the cast. A documentary is in order, too. There is a need for crossdresser and transgender movies which shed a positive light. I am not ignoring the things that we go through, but CDs, transsexuals, and transgender men and women are often portrayed as freaks. We are people who want to be loved and treated with respect just like anybody else.
With each passing day, I am enjoying life as a transgender man. I am comfortable as a male and as a crossdresser who enjoys his feminine side. I hope and pray that many others feel the same way.


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