Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Holly Woodlawn

With the passing of transgender icon Holly Woodlawn (1946-2015 this past Sunday, numerous memories were conjured up. I saw Holly star in her first Trash in 1971. It was a quirky film and it introduced me to someone who had an influence on my transition.

Holly 's life wasn't always easy but she was an original. She was authentic in a time when it was very difficult for any gender non-conforming person to be. She disappeared from the public view in the late 1970s having failed to get into mainstream work. Holly had a modest comeback in the 1990s performing in cabarets, acting and theater work.

I knew nothing about transgender back then. Holly was one of those people you seem to never forget. When I did transition in 2005 I knew that I was part of a group maligned by society. Holly lived life on her terms. Her authenticity was what I aspired to be. Thank you, Holly. You were a true original.


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