Thursday, December 10, 2015

2015-A Year For and About Transgender People

2015 has been quite a year for transgender people, good and bad. Many municipalities, schools, and organization are changing their policies regarding transgender people. To hear them even being discussed is something that couldn't have been fathomed 30 years ago. We have become more visible

The bad is that more transgender people have been killed than in previous years. We are still vilified by politicians, anti-lgbt groups, some churches and the criminal industrial complex. Yet, we still move forward. For a long time transgender were confined to the very margins of society. No more!

We are intelligent, hard working, parents, and grandparents. We pay taxes, vote, contribute to various causes, and voice our opinions. We desire life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Anyone or group who tells us that we don't deserve any of these has a MAJOR problem with me. Never dreamed that I would be this heavily involved in all this but I have no choice.  

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