Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Caitlyn Still Has A Lot To Learn

I have followed Caitlyn Jenner's journey since she came out back in March. Being a latecomer she is learning what it is to be transgender. Being a latecomer myself I can identify with that. I said that when Ms. Jenner first came out that she now has to live in the new gender, something that is not always easy. There would be missteps, mistakes, doubts, and fears. With what happened in Houston recently, I conclude that  Ms. Jenner still has a long way to go.

I do believe that Ms. Jenner is trying. However I believe that she needs to widened her circle. She needs to communicate with black and Latino and Asian transgender people and learn from their experiences. She needs to understand that her reality is much different that of many transgender women and men. Ms. Jenner also needs to connect with people who had been on the battle lines for equality rights for years. I think of Monica Roberts and Miss Major, two African- American trans women who talk the talk and walk the walk. If Ms. Jenner had met with trans activists of color in Houston I'm sure that she would have been really educated on what is really happening in the trans world.

Ms. Jenner also needs to acknowledge that she has a couple of things going against her. The first is people's disdain for her being related to the Kardashian sisters. The second is her conservative politics. Ms. Jenner is begrudged because of her privilege. I don't begrudge her privilege or her politics. the latter is her own.  

The point is that Ms. Jenner needs to know that the trans community is much more diverse than, maybe, she has experienced. I see that she still has a long way to go. Where Ms. Jenner learns and makes inroads as a spokesperson only time will tell. The time may be running out.

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