Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trans Rights and Religious Freedom

One question I've had in my mind when the religious freedom debate started was How does transgender rights (TGLBQ rights for that matter) infringe on someone else's religious freedom? 

I am a bible believing child of God who happens to be transgender. Jesus died for my sins just like he did for everyone else. My package is different from the norm just God loves me just the same. I have heard if transgender rights become the law of the land that it's the end of civilization as we know it. Really? Since when?  I don't keep anyone from practicing their faith. I never rip apart someone's character if our views are different. Everyone entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. I love my conservative Christian brothers and sisters in Christ. I just have a different viewpoint abut TGLBQ topics. 

How can anyone expect to uphold some tradition that not a part of my makeup. I never sought out to be transgender. I was created this way. My gay and lesbian and queer brothers and sisters were created the way they are. To say that they are less than deserving of the benefits and privileges of others is not only wrong but very unchristian like.  Are my opponents demonstrating Christian love by the hateful vitriol spewed in our direction?  May it never be.

Some people believe that we want to wreck society but that is NOT the case. We just want to live our lives. People will still get married and the institution is fine. I am happily married and am a parent and grandparent. Just because I'm transgender doesn't mean I'm evil-I'am just different. I embrace the difference. God is a God of diversity and he has a plan for each individual-gay, straight, lesbian, queer, transgender, black, white, male and female.

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