Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Not Any Easy Answers

After pride month, I ask the the question 'What's next?' An easy question which can have an easy answer. Somehow, the answers may not come so easy. 

For the past several months I have dressed every day. I have mulled over the idea of changing my male name to female on all my documents. There are some personal challenges that need to be dealt with. Yes, there are numerous issues for transgender people that will need to be resolved. With that there will need to be some changes of the heart. 

This next year or so will be pivotal for transgender people as the presidential election will be coming up. Some wish to take away all the gains we've made. Others want to erase us from the TGLBTQ mosaic. This is something I am NOT going to let happen. Seems that I become a historian of sorts. I have learned in life that once you cross a certain line, I have to continue going ahead. Perhaps I'm just discovering things in me I never knew were there. 

Here I am nearly 67 years young and I want to take to the streets;to the battle lines. I want to be a vehicle for change. Reflecting on the past year, this is what I must do.

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