Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tenth Anniversary This Coming Sunday

This coming Sunday, July 26th, will be the tenth anniversary of my coming out. It was such a liberating experience which has dramatically changed my life. 

There's so many places I could start. For one thing it ended the feeling of difference I had about myself, yet never knowing why I felt that way. It was on a day when home alone I decided to try on my spouse's skirt. I thought the urge would go away. Wow, was I wrong! The wheels were set in motion of which I couldn't stop. After some counseling and a period of denial, I came out to myself as a cross dresser. It was a few weeks later that realized my feelings ran much deeper. When did further research, I saw the word transgender for the first time. Right there it connected with me.

Today, I am a happy and content transgender woman. I've coming out to my immediate family and to my church congregation. That was truly a dream come true coming out to my spiritual family. I have met a group of people that I otherwise would have never come in contact with. 

I'm liberated and complete!

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