Saturday, March 01, 2014

We Do Not Put Religious Freedom In Danger

The more that I'm out the more I have the desire to share more of myself to others. I have be able to give answer to why I'm the way I am. With the governor of Arizona  vetoing SB1266, it seems that battles have been drawn. In a sense I saw this coming down the pike a couple of years ago. No one has a right to tell anyone that they aren't human. No one has right to deny people of their rights to live a productive live. Using religion to discriminate is deadly wrong. 

Those who deny TGLB people service,medical care, or housing or employment because of 'religious beliefs' I would like to ask what are their beliefs? And to say that their freedom to express their will be denied is totally bogus and a lie. Religion was use to deny rights to African-Americans, Native Americans, women and immigrants.  Eventually many church have to mend the errors of their ways. 

I'll tell you who endangers religious freedom-it's those people who demand that everybody be like them, think like them, and do what they say. It's the reason why some have given up their faith or others won't touch it with a ten foot pole. It's time that we who are spiritual reclaim our faith and demonstrate God's love to ALL people. 

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