Tuesday, June 30, 2015

State Senate Fails To Pass GENDA Again

For the eighth time at least, the New YORK state senate has failed to pass GENDA (Gender Employment Non-Discrimination Act) after the state assembly passed the measure. It means that transgender NewYorkers can still be fired from their jobs because they are transgender. This latest defeat is very disappointing.

I'm not giving up! I have to see what I and others can do to change this. GENDA, formerly known as SONYA, has been on the docket for about 15 years now. When marriage equality was passed in 2010 ,GENDA  was on the same platform but was overlooked in the hoopla of the passage of marriage equality. I have a couple of my own theories about this but that's for another day. In t he meantime, I will become involved  more with this until GENDA is passed.

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