Friday, June 19, 2015

Living And Loving Life

A question was posed to me on one of my forums a few weeks back; How important is passing? I always try to look presentable as to put transgender people in a positive light. Fashion, dressing, and coordinating colors is second nature to me.

To me being able to live life as who I really am is most important. Once I discovered cross dressing and later being transgender it was a turning point in my life. When I went in public alone for the first time, that was it. I was going to live openly and without fear or shame. As time has passed, it is a normal part of me. I gone to restaurants, parties, movies, and plays. I've read poetry in public, acted, been interviewed, made a few speeches, and now writing plays. This coming Sunday I will speak to my church's congregation about my transgender experience.    

I enjoy each day and look forward to new and challenging adventures. I enjoy walking on the streets of Greenwich Village and East Village .  My spouse and I will go out coffee or dinner or an event. Living and enjoying life is truly a blessing.