Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NYC Pride Parade

The pride parade here in New York City was great. My wife, a friend and I helped serve water to the marchers. They thanked us like people happy to see an oasis in the desert. This pride parade was extra special because marriage equality for LGBTQ people is now the law of the land. 

While serving cups of water I was marveling at the many floats and creative costumes. Some of them took much work, I'm sure. I said to myself people are having fun and celebrating who they are. That's the idea of the parade. There were a number of churches who marched in the parade and that was great to see.

My only lament is that with corporations participating (and more money of course), the political and radical element is not present like it was in earlier days. I believe that this needs to brought back because there are still many, many issues that need to be tackled. All in all the parade was fun  and my friend really loved participating in it.

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