Monday, March 16, 2015

Went to a Wedding

This past Saturday I attended a wedding at the famous Riverside Church here in New York City. The former associate pastor of my church was being betrothed to his partner. It was the second same sex marriage I've attended.  It was a rainy day but our spirits were high.

It was a beautiful ceremony, one of the best I've attended in my life. Te cavernous main sanctuary was near filled to capacity. Afterwards, there was a punch and cupcake reception. Reverend Miller is a dynamic and creative individual. He created a dance team for the youth at our church. He was involved with fitness, the LGBTQI ministry, and number of other activities. I met his partner over a year ago and really like him very much.

There are a number of same sex couples at our church. Fort Washington Collegiate Church is an open and affirming church. I pray that there will be more same sex weddings.   

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