Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Seasons and Transition

Spring reminds me that there is a transition from cold and snow to the blossoming of flowers and trees. The temperatures gradually get warmer. I have written a number of poems about the seasons and what each represents to me.

The seasonal changes is a parallel to the transition we as trans people make. There's the physical changes made. There's also the emotional transition. As I navigate through life I sometimes hits me the changes that have happened, often very subtle. At the trans women's group discussion I attend bimonthly it's wonderful when someone has success in an area of life that they have been struggling with. 

Seasons aren't stationary either. They just glide steadily along until the time comes when you notice the change. Seasons come and go and this spring is different from last spring. We can celebrate the changes we've made. We can continue to grow and live life without shame or guilt.

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