Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Always Evolving

One of the aspects of being transgender is that you're always evolving. I expressed this point with a group of my trans sisters the other night. Just when you think you have something figured out, something comes along and squelches that thought. 

Trans is a prefix which means 'across', beyond' or the 'other side'. In my case, the other side is the best fit. I know what it is for women to go through some of the stuff that they do. Getting less pay, the feeling of being second class, and the demands to always look young. Trans gender women are still looked upon as novelties but that's changing , albeit slowly.

I have enjoyed life much more since coming out ten years ago. Just recently I saw how much I have changed and I didn't really notice it. When I sense a major shift coming into my life, at times it will cause me to ask many questions. Is it worth it? Is it some thing that will affect me and those around me? There are some questions that sooner or later I will have to answer. 

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