Saturday, January 03, 2015

What I Know Now

I ran cross country and track during in high school and junior college. Several years later I participated in road races. I learned much more about training and racing strategy during my road racing years. At times I remarked that if I knew these strategies back in high school my racing career may have been different.

When I reminisced about what I know now about gender and look back into my past and there really isn't much of a reference point. I came out as transgender over nine years ago. I had to start out from scratch. The one consistent aspect is that I'm still changing and growing. I notice that at the end of each year changes have occurred  though I don't feel like anything has progressed. One of the reasons may be that we may not be able to handle a particular piece of information at the particular time we discover it. 

I have learned to be patient and take in whatever good experiences that come my way. Life is a marathon and not a sprint. Past experiences can help, giving some kind of rock to stand on. When new experiences come we can move forward with confidence.  

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