Friday, January 16, 2015

Lighthouses and Nature

As you may see I am a lover of lighthouses and nature. I visited a lighthouse back in 1982 and have read much about them since then. Lighthouses go back to ancient times and are still a viable part of life today. 

My love of nature goes back to my childhood. There were woods in the back of the complex I used to live in. I always wandered into the woods against my mother's wishes. I enjoyed wondering along the trails and exploring the shrubbery. On occasion I would see a rabbit or a chipmunk. When I was a scout I spent two weeks at summer camp. On my free time I would wander in the woods enjoying the scenery. 

When I spend time out in nature, I feel a oneness, a connection with my surroundings. I feel a closer connection possibly because I have Native American ancestry. Land has always been focal in the culture. I will keep posting photos of lighthouses and nature scenes. I hope it will encourage you to spend more time out in nature.

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