Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sally's Back At It Again!

Oklahoma lawmaker files three bills targeting LGBTs

The lawmaker is taking aim at the state's decision to legalize gay marriage, and is seeking to allow parents to obtain reparative therapy for their children and for businesses to refuse service to LGBTs

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Oklahoma State Represenative Sally Kern, who is known for her consistent stance against same-sex marriage, has introduced a series of bills that targets same-sex marriage and LGBTs.
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This is the same Sally Kern who in 2010 ran against transgender woman Brittany M. Novotny. She referred to Ms. Novotny as 'it'. Is this anyway for a so called Christian to behave? 

Getting to traditional values, I'm for traditional values. What I have a problem with is when someone tries to keep others from living their lives because their lives are different from yours. To those who throw in 'traditional values'  when conferring to TGLB issues,these are the same people whose ancestors ripped apart the slave's family during the height of the slave trade. The same was done to Native Americans. I know both traditional and non traditional families. I wish some one would explain to me how denying TGLB people their right to life, liberty and happiness uphold traditional values? 

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