Thursday, July 31, 2014

Renovation, Renewal and Reconciliation

My church is going through renovations. An atrium is being constructed to improve access from the street. The new nursery recently opened The fellowship hall is being remodeled and new classrooms are being put in. The project will be completed some time next year.

Our personal lives go through renovations from time to time. Some old  habits will need to be dealt with. Some wrongs need to be righted. Forgiveness and being forgiven will need to take place. Whenever there is a new project or revelation the old way of thinking and doing things will need to change. In regards to transgender rights, this renovation is needed in our social institutions, schools, and families. Change is never easy but there's the time when they have to be made. 

A transgender husband, wife, or child will change the dynamics of families. There may be some anger, hurt, accusations of deception and rejection. What's needed is understanding, reconciliation and, in the case of bitter words spoken, forgiveness. We never asked to be born the way we are because it wasn't something that we had control. We just ask to be accepted as people. 

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