Thursday, July 24, 2014

Night Skyline Symbolized Ending of a Life Chapter.

I like skylines of cities especially the ones at night. Above is the skyline of Riverside, California (chose this one because it's part of the novella I am writing). I enjoy the quietness that settles over the city. I live in a different city but the skyline is magnificent. 

Late at night I peer through the blinds gazing at the lights on the dark background. I have come to view skylines at night as a changing of life's fortunes. A chapter in life is drawing to a close. Another one will dawn. It symbolizes my own life because there have been so many chapters in my life that have drawn to a close. Those chapters can last day, week, a year or years. When I sense a change coming, I use the night skyline as an analogy.     

Over the past several weeks, I have felt this. I expect these things and at times welcome them. My life journey has periods of great light and vitality. It also has periods of reflection and fogginess. It doesn't mean that there's an end; just a new beginning.

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