Friday, April 25, 2014

Transgender Topics Have Come To the Front

One discussion that is more frequent is the Christian vs. TGLBQI debate. I am a Christian who happens to be transgender and I find myself being drawn into this debate.

When I acknowledged being a cross dresser early in my journey, I had heard the arguments against wearing clothes of the opposite gender. Leviticus 22:5 was used to justify the prohibition. I decide to investigate this further. I came to the conclusion that God loves everyone equally regardless of gender or sexuality.

I still have yet to see a satisfactory reason why transgender people are an abomination in some Christians eyes. Christ died for my sins just like anybody whose has found salvation. He has been in my life for over four decades.How is it that people and churches can claim that they love Jesus and hate TGLBQI people.What I see is religious, social and educational  institutions having to grapple with something they never dreamed they would have to. It's happened in the past with African Americans, Native Americans, women, and immigrants so it's nothing new.

I am hopeful that changes will continue to be made, especially in places of worship. I'm my mind all of the excuses why TGLBQI shouldn't be included in places of worship, education, and social institutions aren't valid or at the worst, bogus which has been proven in many cases.  

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