Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day A Success

Yesterday, I traveled to Albany, New York to partake in Equality and Justice Day. I met a number of activists, advocates, and allies. A group of us met an assemblywoman who supports our causes. After lunch, there was a rally on the capital steps.  In the afternoon, I attended a workshop which is looking to push the gender employment non-discrimination act through the senate. What was brought home was the needs to voice the concerns of transgender women of color.

I listened as a high school freshman share a heart breaking story of a friend who is a transman who is bullied by others in her school. She is a cisgirl who is standing by him. I encouraged her to keep standing with him. I was encouraged by the many young people who participated in this.

This was my baptism into activism. Now I'm figuring out what to become involved in. Employment non-discrimination act the better services for TGLBQ older adults are two areas of concern for me. I was happy to have gone and look forward to going next year.

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