Sunday, January 12, 2014

Went to A Real Estate Seminar

I spent the past three days at a real estate seminar. I'm sure some of you have head of Rich Dad books by Robert Kiyosaki. It was an eye opener for me in that real estate can be acquired with little or no money. What impressed me is the importance of mindset. The rich have a a totally different mindset from the average person. Time has come for me to move head and make some money. Told my son about it and he is interested. I am looking into securing funds for future training.


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that dozens of people, from the same community attend a seminar and try to practice the things they learned the next week.

1. Find a motivated seller who will sell you property at below market value.

2.Find an appraiser who will appraise the property for much more than you pay.

3. Find a banker who will loan you much more than the property is worth, of at least 100% of the purchase price.

The real money is to be earned in teaching seminars.

genevieve said...

Teaching is on my radar.