Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Goals and Gender

I have learned that gender is not stationary. Every now and then I discover something new about myself and about the fluidity of gender in particular. 

Early in my transition I saw myself as a dichotomy of two or more personalities. These feelings are stronger now. What I don't understand is how society ca say that people are either one gender or the other and cannot deviate from their assigned gender. It's as if the individual is betraying the gender they are born in. How can someone be betraying something that they were never really a part of? 

I set goals every year at this time and work hard to achieve them. It seems that the subject of gender comes up though I don't really focus on it. I expect changes to come but there are those times when I wonder if transition is an option for me. More and more I'm viewed as a woman and I am comfortable in my own skin. Still don't plan on doing it but as I've said many times that door is still open.  

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