Thursday, January 30, 2014

Challenging And Exciting Times

A day doesn't go by when I hear that another transgender woman has been killed. Just today I read that another trans woman was murdered in Brazil, a country with the highest rate of transgender women murdered. Mexico is second followed by the United States. 

With the increased visibility of transgender people plus many place passing ordinances protecting transgender people, the vitriol has been wratcheted up a few notches. Many anti-TGLB groups are doing all they can to keep us marginalized and invisible. The United States has been the biggest exporters of anti-TGLB hate to such places as Africa, Jamaica, and eastern Europe. Many so-called 'Christians' have been the biggest purveyors of this hate.

This is the time to be vigilant. I have two projects that mean much to me. The first is to refute the lies that passing trans protections adversely affects religious freedom. The other is to demonstrate that transgender people have been at the forefront of movements such Stonewall, contrary to what some in the gay and feminist circles say. 

These are exciting and challenging times for transgender people. I want to be an instrument in finding the solutions. 

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