Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brighter Skies On Horizon

As children we all have an idea of what we wanted to be. Common answers were policeman. fireman, nurse, teacher, doctor or lawyer. Today it may be a star athlete, rapper, hedge fund manager, or entertainer. I have envisioned myself as a tutor, athlete, poet, world traveler, and a filmmaker. 

I related these thought to gender and conclude that there is more to each of us than we may believe. We are a dichotomy of two or more personalities. I find myself open to the challenge of discovering more about myself. I've always been curious about many things. Even now in my mid sixties,  have a child like curiosity about life. More and more people are seeking people who are authentic. 

My journey in gender expression has brought to another crossroads. At present, I've hit a dry spell but see brighter skies on the horizon. Where I will go to I don't know at the present time. 

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