Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Lot Of Activity

It seems like things are moving fast for transgender people. I wonder if it's because it is pride month in many places that there seems to be much more activity. One aspect of al of this is the bogus criticisms of why we shouldn't have the same rights as everybody else.

DOMA was a dumb bill to begin with. Why don't the proponents of DOMA worked with couples whose marriages are struggling. Maybe they can teach prospective brides and bridegrooms what makes a marriage successful. Having been married 33years, it takes a lot of work and perserverance. When I came out as trans eight years, it seems that our marriage was strengthened. TO say that we can't be happy is nonsense.

Prop 8 shouldn't have come to this. Some people in major LGBT organizations blamed black folks for it passing in California and Illinois when in fact they never canvassed  black and Latino neighborhoods to begin with. 

There's till so much to be done. I will be workig to see that GENDA here in New York State is passed. We will be attaced on all sides but our presence is felt by many. I am hapy that trans activists have steped up and done their own lobbying.

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