Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Still Seeking and Exploring

About this time every year I reflect on how far my journey has come. Well, it's still ongoing. 

Prior to coming out as a cross dresser, I envisioned myself as a stripper, a porno star, or a leather man. I doubt that I would have acted on the first two. I was fascinated with the leather culture. I did much research on the lifestyle but concluded that it wasn't right for me.

Within the past few days I wonder why these thoughts all of a sudden entered my mind eight years ago? It's possible that these topics were so deep inside that I never even considered it. Now as a transgender woman,   I see that my life has so many facets. I understand that gender is rather fluid, but so are other areas. Emotions? For sure. Sexuality? I wonder. 

I chuckle sometimes when others try to put me in a box of their choosing. Labels achieve the same thing. It can be a starting point, but I understand why many reject it. Boxes and labels don't reveal the whole of a person should never define who we are. There's so much more to me that I realize. I'm still seeking and exploring.

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