Thursday, May 09, 2013

Homage To Mother

As we pay homage to the mothers and the women who have influenced our lives, I have been reflecting on where life has brought me thus far. Mom had a big  influence on my direction in life. 

With her encouragement I was able to have the confidence to tackle difficult tasks. In times of difficulty she handled things with a grace that amazed me. It was this example that helped shaped for me the struggles I would encounter. What I remember most is the hospitality she showed to those who were lonely, depressed, or needed encouragement. It's probably the reason that encouraging others is one mission I have in life.     

My wife shared with me of a conversation she and mom had about my love of flowers and the color pink. I sometimes wonder if she knew that I would transition to Gennee? As we honor all mothers, let's remember that they brought us into the world. Maybe some of you didn't have the best upbringing or relationship with your mothers but remember you wouldn't be here either. Let Mothers Day be a day of rejoicing, remembrance and reflection.


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