Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pause For Thought

Many opponents label the passage of bills for transgender rights as a 'bathroom bill'. They stoke fear into uninformed people that allowing transgender people to use public accommodations will endanger the children and women. Well,  these people shouldn't talk.

How come the military is sweeping over 20,000 rape cases under the rug? How come lawmakers have a hard time protecting women from discrimination, abuse, and exploitation?  Recently, a transgender woman was denied the use of a dressing room because the owner felt the customers would be uncomfortable. I saw through that ruse! SHE was the one who was uncomfortable. 

I'm not about changing people's perceptions because that up to the individual. I have and will speak out about their hypocrisy and lies. I wish that I could stand in front of these people and have them tell me why we are not worthy of the same rights as everyone else. I wouldn't tolerate the smug arrogance some of them have. People who know me know when push comes to shove, I'll tangle with anybody-and I don't care who they are

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