Friday, August 03, 2012



     Reading about folks coming to terms with their gender or sexuality thrills me. It’s a liberating experience for them in that they can move forward to living the lives that they desire. Denial turned out to be an albatross around their necks.

     I’m acquainted with denial because I was in denial several weeks before finally accepting myself as a cross dresser. Denial puts off the inevitable for a short time. We can say that we’re not gay or transgender. We can do all we can to prove to others that we are “manly” or a real woman. For a while things can roll along smoothly. Then the day comes when we’re come face to face with the truth.

     I wonder what many people have committed suicide because they denied an aspect of themselves. It’s one thing that society gives us a hard way to go. When we add denial and self-loathing to an already unbearable load, it’s a matter of before a person shows cracks in the armor.  What’s really sad is when some people who deny who they are will do everything to deny others their rights.

     How each person comes out is a personal matter. It is also vital that each person has a healthy and positive view of themselves. A healthy mind, body, and spirit is as important as looking good or impressing others.  

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