Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Chooosing To Be Authentic

You decide that you can no longer continue life on the current course. The gender struggles get stronger and are not going away. The day comes when a decision has to be made. Do you make the changes needed or continue on the track you're running on?

I enjoy reading many posts and the progress people are making. It encourages me that my trans sisters and brothers are choosing to be authentic. This is wonderful and greatly needed. Actions can affect others in ways that we may not always see. It's the reason I choose to be open with others. Just recently, I educated a young couple about my transgenderism. I have seen other transgender people in my neighborhood. I know that they are out there, but not always visible.

There are common threads that run through all the posts. The one that makes the most impression on me is people choosing to be authentic. I was afraid in the beginning. When I made the choice to proceed forward, I never looked back. The footprints of the past were gone. I'm still moving forward. Many of my sisters and brothers are doing likewise.

I never travel this road before.
Lined with thick brush and boulders,
it looks strange and forboding.
there's nothing to guide me.
Each step forward is a step closer to my destiny.
I trek on, not knowing what awaits me.
I'm gently nudged forward by an unseen hand
I look behind me and footprints of my past are gone.   

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