Monday, June 04, 2012

Wife Attended Church With Me

Yesterday, a milestone was achieved. My spouse and I went to our place of worship with me dressed as Gennee. I was very calm and relaxed. as we entered the church. We attended the adult education class where a few people didn't recognize me until I told them. They were so surpirised. Once again Louise revealed that she has accepted in my transgender identity.
Sunday was also the beginning of our new LGBTQI ministry. After service there was a luncheon to kick the event off. I received a number of compliments from other worshipers. This was something that I hoped and prayed for-to attend church with my wife as Gennee. Another Milestone was reached as I strolled with Louise through my neighborhood. Louise would never go with me when I was dressed but she did on Sunday. I'm so thrilled and look forward to doing more things as Gennee.

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