Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coming Out As Gennee In My House Of Faith

This month has been blessed and my spouse has been a part of it. I mentioned a couple of posts back that she attended service with me when I was Gennee. We have gone three times since.

Last Friday, we attended a gathering where other churches in our denomination came to our place. It was wonderful chatting with other LGBTQ folks about our experiences and lives. This past Sunday it was service and honoring the graduates. On Monday we went to film viewing in which the director of child ministry, his wife, and son were in. the DVD is called 'An Ordinary Family'. I'm going to purchase the DVD. I recommend it to churches and schools because more of these institutions are dealing with this issue.

Some folk were asking my wife where I was because we are usually together. She just pointed to me. They were so surprised! They didn't recognize me. I received a number of compliments, also. I was accepted and embraced by them. It has been a wonderful time for us.