Monday, June 18, 2012

Touched By Angels

      I attended two memorial services this weekend. On Saturday we celebrated the life of
my friend, Bruce Gerig, a man who came into my life shortly after I came out. He made me feel welcome when I first came to the bible studies at the community center. He was generous, bigger than life, knowledgeable about many subjects, and had an infectious laugh that warmed up a room. What I remember most about Bruce was how comfortable he was with himself as a gay man. It helped me to be comfortable with myself as a transgender person.
     On Sunday I attended a second memorial for a woman affectionately known as “Rookie”. I never met or knew her but I felt that I did. She was helpful and used what talents she had to the utmost. Rookie had been a greeter in church. I remarked to someone that I believe that Rookie paved the way for my wife and me when we arrived last fall. We felt welcome and comfortable.
     I am reminded that life is full of seasons. Seasons gradually come, stay awhile, and then gradually leave. Seasons can last moments or years. People come into our lives at particular times. Our lives can be seasons for other folks. We may never realize the affect they have or the impressions we make but it does happen.
     Bruce demonstrated warmth and realness. He demonstrated to me that I should be comfortable with myself. Rookie encourages me to use whatever talent I have to the fullest. These two wonderful people touched lives in ways that we will always cherish.
Bruce, Rookie, thank you for coming into and enriching our lives.  

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