Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gender Struggles

I was reading some old stories I wrote a decade or so ago. Meditating on them, I see that my gender issues were manifest at least ten years and maybe more. I never ever tied it to gender. It never really troubled me that much at the time but a few years later it did.

I sympathize with many who struggle with gender issues much longer tha I did. My houghs and feelings ran the gamut of sexual liberation on one side and debauchery on the other. It was really crazy because I never had thoughts like this before. It seems that another person was living inside of me.

Seeing my life now, I love who I have become. Encouraging others that they are alright is something that I take delight in. I sympathize with those who are hurting, being abused physically and emotionally, and excluded from society in general.

Perhaps I was spared much hurt because I was in my fifties when my struggles began. I'm happy that people are coming out earlier. Though society has become more accepting, it still can be difficult at times to live as we are. I am happy as I am and will continue to help those who need encouragement. Equality is something I will work for.

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