Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11-The Day After

I was going to go to the ceremonies of 9/11 at the site but decided not to. I could handle the emotions but perhaps some other folks needed to be there.

I went out on Saturday night to a friend's apartment. We talked about 9/11 some. What I gathered was where we were when it happened and how it affects us even now. There was a wide range of feelings and thoughts. I think in the end we don't take anything for granted.

I read in the gay newspaper here the story of Mychal Judge, the Franciscan priest who was the chaplain for the fire department. It was known that he was gay but he was loved and respected by many people in and outside the department. Mark Bingham, the hero of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, was also written about. There were many LGBT people who were heroes that day though you never ever here about them.

There are times when because of 9/11 it hastened my discovery of being transgender. I don't know if it did but I beleive the time that I did come out was right. It's strange how catastrophic events puts many aspects of our lives in perspective.

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