Thursday, August 07, 2008

Busy Week

The past week has been a busy one. It started last Saturday when I attended a tea party in honor of a friend who married his partner in California (l). It was a casual affair, with drinks and finger food. I got the change to wear my new aqua blue blouse.

On Monday I celebrated my 60th birthday. My wife's birthday is the same day. She gave me a birthday mug and 4 pair of pantires. I gave her two floral skirts. We share skirts, blouses, and jewelry. The day before I took her out to dinner. On Tuesday I registered for graduate school online at Ashford University. I will be studying Education and Technology.

I purchsed a white dress and jacket because I thought the tea party would be a formal affair. Some day I would love to attend a formal affair with hats and gloves. I also purchased a purple cami and green blouse. I have been out quite a bit, but tomorrow will be a day of rest.


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