Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The past few days have been the quietest of my crossdressing life. I appreciate these times because I can see how far I have come as a crossdresser. I researched the definition of 'transgender'. Each article and book I have read has one interpretation or another. I have found two constants: the various genders within transgender and it digresses from the norm. I respect and embrace the variety. I have read how transgender has been part of Native American tribes for centuries.
I also researched the difference between crossdresser and transvestite. The former has to do with wearing women's clothes, while the latter derives erotic arousal. To me, there is no difference. When I crossdress, there are times I get aroused and times when I am not. I am
still a crossdresser/transvestite. It does not matter if I am referred by one label or the other.
I am reading Leslie Feinberg's book 'Transger Warriors'. It is an interesting book, so much so, that I have more questions. Though crossdressing is enjoyable, I have come to the conclusion that crossdressing goes deeper than putting on women's clothing. There I go; my
analytical mind in overdrive again.

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