Sunday, November 27, 2005

I hope your Thanksgiving was good. This was my first as a crossdresser. I enjoyed the weekend though I couldn't dress. There will be other times.
I took a walk today, reminiscing the journey that I am on. The further I go, the more my psyche is transformed. I have read much about the history of transgenders and transvestites
in social struggles all over the globe. I am a recipient of that struggle, a fact I don't ignore or take lightly. Here I am; a TV/CD whose feminine side is being more clearly defined. I'm not much on labels because how I feel about myself is more important. My trans sisters well being is more important than what others choose to label me. Looking ahead, I see some milestones waiting for me. I'm not afraid nor do I seek attention. I'm just taking another step in my side as 'Genevieve'.

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